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"The Winner of the Toronto's Pizza War"

National Post Restaurant Review
Nov 22 2008

The heart of Toronto will never be so proud as to house a warm, family-owned restaurant such as Trio. The cozy and inviting atmosphere is perfect for an intimate get together as well as a corporate event or holiday celebration. Warmed by a custom made wood-burning oven, this restaurant is a perfect place to spend the night.

Trio also offers a large selection of wines to compliment the variety of appetizers, entrees, home made bread and of course, the specialty – pizzas. With countless topics to choose from, every pizza is prepared before your eyes with fresh ingredients and a level of ingenuity only found after years of family tradition and tireless effort. The last link between the chef and the customer is the genuine wood-burning oven, rarely found in modern restaurants.

Owned by an Italian chefs carrying on a time-honoured legacy, the quality of experience will never be beat. If there was ever a place to truly enjoy timeless culinary skill and selection of wine, exquisite atmosphere and unforgettable time spent together, it is at Trio restaurant.

Ristorante and Pizzeria
3239 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, M4N 2L5
Tel: 416.486.5786